World Cafe Workshop
07 Dec 18
Kunjungan Universitas Brawijaya
26 Oct 18
Taiwan Higher Education Fair 2018
26 Oct 18
Kunjungan Nanchang Normal University China
23 Oct 18
Welcome Ceremony Udayana International Exchange Student
04 Sep 18
Orientation Udayana International Study Programs ...
27 Aug 18

Scholarship News

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How to Write Motivation Statement
Kamis, |
RISTEKDIKTI, MAEDI, MESR and the French Embassy in Indonesia inform that the 2017 Edition of NUSANTARA program | read More...
Hungary provides high quality education in the heart of Europe. Today, there is a growing demand of  | read More...

Bali Accommodations Information

Bali offers a variety of accommodation alternatives. Students prefer staying in coastal areas like Kuta, | read More...