Bipas Program

The Bali International Program on Asian Studies (BIPAS) is an international and interdisciplinary study program focusing on topics in international business with an emphasis on Asia’s role in the changing global landscape. The aim of the program is to give students a comprehensive view of Asian markets and a refined understanding of the Asian business culture in a global perspective. The program features lecturers with diverse international backgrounds.

BIPAS is offered by the Faculty of Arts and it is open to international and local students alike.


The program consists of the following courses:

·         Economy and Business of South East Asia

·         Comparative Regional Studies in Indonesia

·         International Tourism Management

·         Business Law and Legal Tradition on Trade and Investment

·         Indonesian Language

·         International Entrepreneurship

·         International Business

·         Global Marketing

·         Cross-Cultural Communication 


Master’s Courses

·         International Relations and Communication

·         International Accounting and Finance 

·         Environmental Management and Sustainability

·         Managing Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies

Credits are granted directly in ECTS pointsfor international visiting students. It is possible to choose between 4-7 courses.

How to apply to the BIPAS program?


International students may apply to the BIPAS program with Udayana University’s partner organization Asia Exchange.

BIPAS Syllabus : 

7.1 International Tourism Management (BIP1011)
7.2 Comparative Regional Studies in Indonesia (BIP1012)
7.3 Economy and Business of South East Asia (BIP1013)
7.4 Business Law and Legal Tradition on Trade and Investment (BIP1014)
7.5 Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language 6 ECTS) (BIP1015-6EL)
7.6 Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language 3 ECTS) (BIP1015-3EL)
7.7 Bahasa Indonesia (Intermediate Indonesian) (BIP1015-6IN)
7.8 International Entrepreneurship (BIP1017)
7.9 International Business (BIP1018)
7.10 Global Marketing (BIP1019)
7.11 International Relations and Communication (BIP1021)
7.12 International Accounting and Finance (BIP1022)
7.13 Environmental Management (BIP1023)
7.14 Cross-Cultural Communication (BIP1024)
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