Tropical Engineering

Udayana University offers a study abroad program for international students in the form of

                1-Semester Course
                2-week Summer Course
                Field Research or Master Thesis project
                Social Work

Students from all over the world will have the opportunity to experience the exotic tropical Engineering in Bali, learn in an exciting new way and explore the beautiful architecture of the tropics, great hospitality of the locales and unique Balinese Culture. Tropical Engineering provides variety of academic modules, which fit the student’s needs and study background. To complete the course student must meet the study requirements of 75% study attendance or research consultation.

Although the programs are designed to attain academic credit, students are encouraged to use the opportunities by exploring the challenges of living in Bali. In addition to Credit earning of 30 ECTS, the main objectives of this Study Abroad Program are:

- Enhance student employability soft skills : through the weekly study excursions/ outdoor activities, social & cultural activities and project groups          

- Improve student’s global knowledge in local setting : particularly about Indonesia and Asia in an international and inspiring atmosphere

- Develop emotional intelligence and character traits

- Enhance the ability to communicate, perceive friendliness, professionalism, problem solving skills

- Through the internship programs : become an investment to your future, a bridge to gain practical knowledge about your fields

- Learn something about yourself : offers experiences which benefits all aspects of life: networking, cultural differences, a lifetime friendships

- Tropical Engineering in Bali : a unique semester in a paradise island

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Tropical Engineering