Center For International Programs

The Center for International Programs (CIP) offers world-class fasilities, resources and teaching staff. The achieved credit points with ECTS standard can be transferred to universities through out the world.

Given excellent  facilities and qualified human resources, CIP is capable of offering various programs in education suited to the national as well as International development such as:


Managed By

Indonesian for Foreign Speakers

Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA)

Asian Studies

Bali International Programs of Asian Studies (BIPAS)

Business Management

International Business Studies Network (IBSN)


International Unit of Medical Faculty

Personal Trainer and Physiotherapy

Udayana International Study Programs


Tropical Engineering

Tourism, Global Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

GoBali Study Program


By the various programs offered, the Center for International Programs (CIP) shall atrract students from all over the world to come to Bali not only to enjoy the unique culture and exotic nature but also to study business, culture, medicine, and language.

In performing its duties, the CIP is in charge of two areas; Quality Assurance and International Office.

1.       Quality Assurance

       supervises two areas:

1.1   Planning; and

1.2   Evaluation and Implementation

International Office

This office provides service both to outsiders and insiders of Udayana University in the following matters:

2.1   Providing information to foreign students and visitors of Udayana University (exchange students/lectures/or visiting scholars)

2.2   Providing information to students and lecturers of Udayana University for outbound program (students/staff mobility)

2.3   Facilitating foreign students/visiting scholars to Udayana University in arranging formal documents

2.4   Assisting and setting up collaboration with local and international counterparts (preparing MoU) and maintaining the existing network.

2.5   Coordinating and setting up international activities at Udayana University.

2.6  Organizing the international promotion of Udayana University.