GoBali Program

GoBali is a one-semester, international study abroad program of the state-run Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia.

GoBali Philosophy

Bringing together students from all over the world for a one-semester study abroad program at the state-run Udayana University of Bali is the aim of GoBali. Being initiated by former students, the philosophy is to ensure that students’ demands as well as international academic standards are met. Participating in the GoBali Program means being surrounded by a student community with similar interests. The perfect balance between study time and spare time in combination with affordable semester payments as well as low costs of living will exceed all expectations and make your stay an unforgettable experience.


To improve intercultural competence, it is necessary to study or work together with people from different cultures. That is why GoBali is always trying to maintain a well-balanced proportion between the nationalities of the participants in order to provide the best possibilities of exchange between different cultures.


GoBali is not one of the countless general study programs – rather, it lets students choose from various disciplines like Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as Tourism Management. Students also can choose different extracurricular courses if interested.


Our studentsʼ capacity for teamwork will be encouraged by projects which last one semester, include weekly meetings and are assigned to the lectures. At the end of each semester they have to present the project planning as well as the results to both the partner and the lecturers.


Contemporary subjects with up to date content and dynamic young lecturers make GoBali the most advanced program on the international campus.


With its unique and special structure, the concentrations and projects, the GoBali program is unique in the Udayana University and Indonesia.


The sophisticated structure of the GoBali program allows a smooth and successful semester abroad. The coordinated content complements to a holistic study result.

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GoBali Study Program