Taiwan Experience Education Program & Internship Program National Quemoy University

We are genuinely interested in working with you to create custom programs to meet your needs or invite your students and faculty to participate in some of the programs we have in place: Undergraduate and graduate student exchanges, a flexible liberal arts program, Mandarin study programs, and faculty exchanges. These are described below. 

Custom Programs to Fit Your Needs

We understand that cooperation means meeting the unique needs of our university partners and their student and faculty communities, so we are committed to creating custom developed programs specific to your needs. Please share your ideas and needs with us so we can best meet your requirements.

Student Exchange

We offer undergraduate student, graduate student exchange in our many departments for different lengths of enrolment depending on our partners’ needs (semester, full year, summer). Participation in these programs can lead to credit or participation diplomas or other options to best meet your needs.

•    Applied English

•    Architecture

•    Business Management

•    Chinese Studies

•    Civil Engineering and Engineering Management

•    Computer Science and Information Engineering

•    Electronic Engineering; Food Science

•    Industrial Engineering and Management

•    Long-term Care

•    Nursing

•    Ocean and Border Governance of International and Mainland China Affairs

•    Social Work

•    Sport and Leisure

•    Tourism

•    Urban Planning and Landscape


A Flexible Liberal Arts Program

The Office of International and Cross-strait Affairs offers a one semester, full year, and summer liberal arts international exchange program. This flexible program is designed so students can maximize NQU resources. To help students tailor the program to their needs, they can opt to take any of the courses offered by any of our departments. The courses are taught in Chinese (Mandarin), and thus this program is fa great opportunity for students who want to improve their Mandarin. A diploma is available for students who participate in this program.


Mandarin Study Programs

One, three, six month, and full year programs of study are available at our language center for students of all language levels. 

Faculty Exchange

This needs to be developed more. Please offer some information and we can write it up.

Scholarship Assistance

We offer assistance to students and faculty who wish to apply to a variety of available scholarships.

Extracurricular Programs

NQU arranges field trips to Xiamen and other attractive areas in Fujian and Taiwan Provinces. Groups are also guided to attractions in mainland China as well as to our other partners.

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