ANNOUNCEMENT of Natural Disaster in Bali & Lombok

Dear Partners and Students,

It is very much understood that the news about earthquake occurred recently in Lombok, an island next to Bali, broadcasted widely throughout the world, made many people worried and wonder the impact caused by the tremors in the islands, especially Bali.

It is true that the tremors had impact in Bali especially in the eastern part of Bali (approximately 76 km away from Denpasar), however it is reported that the damaged is not as it was said as in the news. It was estimated that there were not more than two people killed because of the collapsed wall of the old houses. Lombok island and Bali is seperated by Lombok strait.

For the time being, we can assure you that the situation and condition are going well in Bali. Business is as usual. People do their everyday activities normally. Airport and harbors are busy with the people come and go. Bali is very safe to visit and stay. Natural disaster can happen anywhere and at anytime. What we can do is pray and hope that everything is going fine ahead.

For more information about the updated news of earthquake, please contact the Administration Divisionof Indonesian Meteorological Agency’s Seismological and VolcanologicalDepartment website or our website: